Welcome To Atlantic Grease & Lubricant

Welcome to Atlantic Grease & Lubricant

ATLANTIC Lubricants supplies a range of different lube products that will protect your equipment and bring your engines to new heights of productivity.
Our lubricants are built in the real worlds of plant and industry. Our engineers work closely with many of the world's leading equipment manufacturers so that they can get the best possible knowledge of lubrication requirements. This is then combined with our many years of research and development expertise and knowledge. The result is a range of the best lubrication products in the industry........ Read More...

Our Products

ATLANTIC Lubricants offers a range of high quality and high performances lubes that are suitable for a range of industries and applications. They are developed and produced using state-of-the-art technologies, and are then fully tested.

Testing is done in the laboratory and in the field using real-life applications. This allows us to ensure that our product research, manufacturing processes, and quality control standards are all kept to an exceptionally high level. This applies to the lubricant as well as the packages, drums and containers that we use.

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ATLANTIC Lubricants produces lube products based on highly advanced formulations and the latest technology. All our products are developed by our engineers, all of whom have direct industry and plant experience. We then extensively test, plus we continuously work with our customers to develop and improve each product that we make.

We are committed to ethical principles of business and have a comprehensive corporate social responsibility code that we follow. We are committed to improving the environment, as well as reducing risks to health and safety. Plus, we produce industry-leading products that are backed up by an unmatched team of industry professionals.

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Our unrivalled technical capabilities fall into two categories - specialized product development, and after-sales technical and customer support.

  • Specialized product development - we understand the need to innovate and improve in today's global marketplace. Without this innovation and development it is not possible to deliver on the expectations of your customers, or keep up with your competitors. We can help you by creating tailored products to meet your specific needs. We have a team of specialist product engineers who can modify our existing products, or develop new products, to keep your business competitive and to help make your equipment more productive and efficient.
  • After-sales technical support - our fully equipped laboratories and highly skilled and trained staff are on hand to effectively and promptly support your operations.
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ATLANTIC Lubricants operates on the basis of a commitment to delivering for our customers, while also protecting the environment and each other.

  • We ensure our products and services meet the expectations of our customers while delivering a higher level of quality and innovation than our competitors.
  • We view our employees as an asset. We provide them with a safe working environment and a challenging atmosphere that promotes excellence. We empower the individual, and encourage professional and personal growth which leads to outstanding performance.
  • We work with suppliers on a partnership basis to develop innovative products for our customers.
  • We manage our company soundly and profitably while promoting growth. It also helps us to be a good neighbor in our local communities and at the same time to better serve our customers and employees.
  • We listen to our customers so we can develop and improve our products.
  • We have an obligation to protect and preserve the environment, and we take that obligation seriously.


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